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Nuriko抹香是一種能淨化身心的佛教香,由檀香、丁香及帶有 薄荷氣息的植物製成。
華嚴佛教中大正大蔵経「大方廣佛華嚴經卷第十一」記載,燒香有十種功德。塗諸妙香 具十功徳 一 増益精氣 二 令身芳潔 三 調適温涼 四 長其壽命 五 顏色光盛 六 心神悦樂 七 耳目精明 八 令人強壯 九 瞻覩愛敬 十 具大威徳 

Nuriko incense is a type of Buddhist incense that is believed to purify the mind and body. It is made from sandalwood, cloves, and a plant with a Peppermint scent.

According to the “Chapter Eleven” of the “Avatamsaka Sutra” in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, burning incense has ten virtues. Applying this wonderful incense has ten benefits: 1) Increases vitality, 2) Purifies the body’s fragrance, 3) Regulates temperature, 4) Lengthens lifespan, 5) Enhances radiance, 6) Brings joy to the mind, 7) Sharpens the senses, 8) Strengthens the body, 9) Inspires reverence, and 10) Bestows great virtues.

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搶先評價 “MANA 薄荷”

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